IBU Junior Open European Championships 2023
Madona, Latvia



Tuesday (14.02.)
Official Training

Wednesday (15.02.)
11.00 Individual M
14.30 Individual W

Thursday (16.02.)
11.30 Mix Relay
15.00 Single Relay

Friday (17.02.)
Official Traning

Saturday (18.02.)
11.00 Sprint M
14.30 Sprint W

Sunday (19.02.)
12.00 Pursuit M
15.00 Pursuit W

  • Dear Biathlon Friends, it is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the IBU Junior Open European Championships 2023 in Madona, Latvia. The IBU Junior Cup has come a long way since its inception in 2015. Its role as one of the building rocks of biathlon’s success has proven to be multiple:  [Read more...]

  • We are genuinely happy to welcome the participants of IBU Junior Open European Championships 2023! Madona is a green and blooming town in the Eastern part of Latvia, just couple of tens of kilometres from the highest hill in Latvia—Hill Gaiziņš. This is the reason for our motto: “We are higher!”Madona is one [Read more...]

  • Dear Biathlon Friends, We are honored to host IBU Junior Open European Championships 2023 in the beautiful town of Madona in Latvia. This first big international biathlon event is a logical step in the rapid development of biathlon sport in Latvia. Madona is a popular winter sports destination in Latvia. Sport of biathlon [Read more...]



Līguma nr. SKV-TL-2023/3. 13.02.2023.