How to get to Latvia

Latvia is one of the three Baltic states, situated on the eastern shore of the Baltic Sea, between Scandinavia, central Europe, and Russia, therefore there are multiple ways to travel over to Latvia across the land and air.

IBU Junior Open European Championships 2023 takes place in Madona – the town which lies Vidzeme Upland. It is 170 km east or about a 2 and a half hour car drive from Latvian capital Riga, around 180 km from Riga International Airport.

By plane

The flights from Stockholm, Helsinki, Berlin, Oslo, Warsaw are all under 2 hours, flights to Riga from London, Frankfurt, Paris – under 3 hours. More information about flights can be found on Riga International Airport (RIX) website. From RIX you can take public transportation to get to the city center – the stop is 300 meters from the Arrivals Terminal (bus No. 22), also a large choice of taxi services are available. More information here.

The other options and closest international airports are in Tallinn (around 370 km from Madona) and in Vilnius (around 300km from Madona).

By bus

There are a number of international coaches passing through Latvia from central Europe, Russia and the Baltics. These are some of the main commercial operators:

Riga and Madona are also connected and can be reached also by bus. ​

By car

When driving in Latvia, the following documents should be carried with you:

  • Full and valid driving license
  • Proof of Insurance
  • Proof of ID (passport)
  • Proof of ownership (V5C certificate)

Latvia has right-hand traffic and the speed limit within inhabited areas may not exceed 50 km/h, outside inhabited areas – 90 km/h. Passengers are required to wear seat belts and lights must always be switched on. Do not forget about the Warning triangle and first aid kit.

Safety belts and child seats: safety belts must be used by drivers and all passengers. Children must be transported in appropriate child seats or on appropriate support while not taller than 150 cm.
Mobile phone:
the driver is not allowed to use the mobile phone while driving unless the hands-free system is used.
Winter tires:
tyres intended for use in winter must be used from December 1 till March 1 on all vehicles and busses having gross vehicle mass up to 3500 kg. Use of studded tyres is prohibited from May 1 till October 1.
Alcohol and narcotics:
permissible alcohol level in blood is up to 0.5 ‰, but up to 0,2‰ for novices having driving license for less than 2 years.
Speed cameras:
are in use in the territory of Latvia.

For more information about driving in Latvia, please see the European Commission Road Safety Link – ‘Going Abroad’.

By train

Riga and Madona is also connected and can be reached daily also by train. The price of the ticket is less than 6 euros. Tickets can be found here.